Its worth your investment

Sealcoating your asphalt one time before rapid deterioration starts to set in using commercial grade sealer will extend the life of your asphalt up to 10 years! 

Rain, sun, gasoline, de-icers, and moisture penetrations all accelerate aging on unprotected asphalt. As asphalt ages it becomes brittle and cracks. A regular preventative asphalt maintenance program will keep your asphalt looking like new and resistant to all these factors. Asphalt maintenance will keep money in your pocket as well as significantly increase curb appeal.


Discover the Benefits of sealcoating 

 Left unprotected, asphalt will fade, soften, pit, and crumble. Sealcoating your asphalt driveway or parking lot  covers the entire surface with a flat black coat that seals the small voids in the asphalt surface. As it dries, the sealcoat forms a tough protective skin that keeps your asphalt surface looking clean and new while resisting deterioration from chemicals, rain, sun, and salt.

Sealcoating protects from chemicals 

Safe Seal™ protects asphalt against the highly damaging effects of oil, salt and chemical damage. Sealing prevents water seepage into porous asphalt stopping damage caused by frost, freezing, and thawing.

Sealcoating protects from oxidation

What causes asphalt to break down and deteriorate? Standard blacktop is very susceptible to natural elements such as sun, wind, rain, snow, frost, and ice. These elements cause oxidization to the pavement, drying out the asphalt. Man made elements such as fuel, oil, antifreeze, and salts break down the oils and cohesive properties of the asphalt.

Sealcoating protects from moisture

Having your blacktop professionally sealed slows down oxidization and water penetration, blocking out natural and manmade elements. Having cracks and small voids filled in your asphalt by an asphalt sealcoating professional ensures reducing exposure to oxygen and water, extending pavement life.

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