Cracks kill asphalt

Commercial Crack Sealing

Maryland Asphalt Cycle

The Asphalt Parking lots in Maryland are subject to a number of factors that cause them to deteriorate. Hot summers, harsh winters, traffic load, and failing seams are just some of the reasons asphalt deteriorates and will constantly degrade over time. 
Cracks allow moisture penetration from rain, snow, salt, and ice, which erodes the base of your parking lot. As these harmful substances penetrate the subbase of your pavement, the cracks widen, get deeper and eventually cause potholes. Not addressing these cracks properly will cause structural failure of your asphalt and will become unrepairable. Cracks that are not Sealed invite rain to erode the sub-base underneath and trap water which freezes and will cause cracks to spread. Wonder what you can do? Give AKSealcoat a call!
Linda Fisher
Linda Fisher
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I used them for sealcoating my driveway. Professionally done and they let me know that I will no longer be paying to get my sealcoating done every year as they use a quality product that is not watered down and will last much longer.
Carter Ward
Carter Ward
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AK sealing sealed/coated my driveway and it looks brand new. Would recommend to anyone thinking about redoing their driveway and giving it a fresh look.

Our Solution

We deliver asphalt crack filling services. This is the best way to correct and defend against the degradation and failure of your pavement. Proper crack sealing helps to prevent the cracks from spreading throughout your parking lot. Proactive maintenance at the beginning stages of deterioration will cost you pennies on the dollar compared to paying for a new parking lot.

Crack sealing these gaps with hot rubber is the long term solution to stop the seepage of harmful substances into your pavement. Proper crack sealing prevents issues while doubling the pavements service life. Acting now to to hot rubber fill cracks will save your business money by delaying pavement work.

Crack Sealing Process

1. The surrounding surface of the crack is brushed

2. A wire wheel is used where necessary to clean the crack to a uniform depth.

3. 400 degree commercial grade crack filler is applied to cracks greater than 1/4″

We Work While you don't

Crack Sealing is done on your parking lot after hours keeping your business fully operational during the day

Easy Payments

We except all major credit cards with 0% processing fees for your convenience .

Quality Workmanship

We use Sealmaster Paving materials, so we can do the highest quality job at an affordable cost.

Doing Annual maintenance on your asphalt will more than double the life at an affordable cost.

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